“Jaffa Tales” Magical Exciting Multi-Sensory Experience

Come and partake in the renewed experience at the Visitor’s Center of Old Jaffa, Tour the archaeological site; walk on the floating bridge into virtual performance That brings past heroes to life, spectacular views and unique creative animation of cultural wealth, beauty and charm…

The visitors center is located in the heart of Kdumim Square.

Come experience 5000 years of history in one the most ancient port cities in the world. Observe the major archeological discoveries found in Jaffa, meet the central characters in the tales of Jaffa, and learn the city’s history.

Groups are welcome to Contact us by phone: 052-6229200, or by email: [email protected]

Jaffa is one of the oldest port cities in the Mediterranean. For over 5000 years Jaffa has served as a gateway between east and west, north and south, a cosmopolitan city that witnessed the passage of warriors, pilgrims and visitors, goods, ideas, fashion, and stories. The tales of Jaffa are presented in the new visitors’ center at the heart of Kdumim Square in Old Jaffa, within an archeological space located under the popular square.

At the Jaffa Harbor pier you will find the major archeological finds discovered in excavations in the city, representing the cultures, goods, armies and pilgrims that have passed through the city over millennia and left their mark on it. Visit ancient buildings thousands of years old and meet Yehuda Agronimos, a Jaffa man of the first century CE, who lived in an ancient house in the middle of the visitors’ center. Yehuda Agronimos meets various personae of Jaffa that come to lodge at his home and recount to him the tales of the city.

Exhibit languages: Hebrew, English, Arabic, French, German, Spanish Russian and Chinese.

Entry is by advance invitation.

It is advisable to reserve a place by phone: 052-6229200 or e-mail: [email protected]