May in Old Jaffa

The Eurovision Song Contest Arrives in Tel Aviv and the Playback Orchestra Comes to Old Jaffa

A musical event with audience participation, connecting between contemporary songs and classical performances, integrating music and playacting, to produce a surprising and joyful urban happening.

May 8-18, 2019

Kikar Kdumim

FREE admission!

תזמורת הפלייבק

DocAviv Documentary Film Festival Hosted at HaPisga Garden

Open screening of the documentary Mystify: Michael Hutchence

What really happened to INXS’s lead singer?

Thursday, May 30 | 20:30

Gan HaPisga

FREE admission

2019 White Night in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Live music all around Jaffa | Avihu Pinhasov’s Rhythm Club at Gan HaPisga and other surprises

Thursday, May 16

Gan HaPisga, Kikar Kdumim and throughout Old Jaffa

FREE admission

אמפי תירוש בגן הפסגה


Winding up the week in style | An artists, creators and designers’ fair, street musicians, caressing sea breeze and breathtaking views over Tel Aviv’s beaches

Every Friday | 10:00-17:00

Mifratz Shlomo Promenade and Kikar Kdumim, Old Jaffa

FREE admission


ATAR | Artists Residency Program Hosted by and Hosting at the Jaffa Museum

Collaborators | Joint Exhibition by Dor Even Chen and Avi Sabah

Opening | Saturday, May 11 | 20:00

Atar, 10 Mifratz Shlomo Promenade, Old Jaffa

FREE admission


The Street Galley Hosts | 2019 Fresh Paint Fair’s Artist Incubator

60 light boxes positioned in public spaces of Old Jaffa’s alleyways

Open 24/7

Mazal Dagim (Pisces) and Mazal Arie (Leo) Alleys

Free admission


Museum Day at the Ilana Gur Museum

May 23, 2019

Free admission between 10:00-16:00

Guided tours are available in three languages free of charge, by advanced registration

4 Mazal Dagim

Jewish Yemenite Culture & Art Museum

The museum includes a workshop, in which you can observe and meet artist Ben Zion David while working, hear his stories and see artworks in progress and once completed in the gallery.

3 Mazal Dagim

FREE admission

“Pretty | Silence” | Solo Exhibition by Artist Yael Barlev at Omer Tiroche Gallery

The exhibition is loaded with visual motifs recurring in Barlev’s artworks and drawing from her private world, and taken from family pictures and embroidery pieces that accompanied her childhood

Exhibition dates: May 17-June 19, 2019

Mazal Moznaim (Libra) 2

FREE admission

יעל ברלב

Maskit’s Bridal Gowns

A new and specially festive bridal collection presented in Maskit’s magical space in Old Jaffa, with a sewing workshop and a gallery featuring the story of a Maskit

14 Hatzorfim St.